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Searching for Properties Online

Searching for Properties Online

Where do you search for Properties online if you are a First Time Buyer in Edinburgh?

In this part of the Cameron Stephen First Time Buyer Guide to buying a property in Edinburgh we explain how best to find out what properties are for sale and what information you are best to look for.

Gone are the days when buyers had to buy the Scotsman on a Thursday and Sunday or to traipse endlessly around estate agents to find out what properties were for sale. That is what it used to be like. But nowadays, it is the online property portals that are the place to start your search for properties. Many of the property portals will have the same properties for sale as most estate agents advertise on more than one of the portals.


The ESPC website ( is by far the most popular property website if you are looking for properties in and around Edinburgh and so we would always recommend that you start your property search by using the ESPC.

The ESPC has around 80% or more of the total properties for sale in Edinburgh and is an easy to use website where importantly you will be able to:

  • Download the Property Schedule
  • Download the Home Report
  • Arrange a viewing
  • Find out if there are open viewings
  • Save a property so that you will be told of any changes to marketing or the setting of a closing date
  • Find out recent comparable sales information
  • Gives information about school catchment areas
  • Gives you the contact details for the agents who are marketing the property

As such, the ESPC website gives much more information about a property.

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Other Websites

Other property websites include:

  • Zoopla
  • On The Market
  • Right Move

These are the most well-known property websites in the UK.

All of them will have a good selection of properties for sale in and around Edinburgh and all are good in their way. Since the ESPC will only have the properties being listed by its members (firms of solicitor-estate agents) these other property websites are where you will find the properties marketed by non-solicitor estate agents and online estate agents.

Each of these websites will give you mostly the same information about the property but usually do not give you the ability to download the Home Report, give you full viewing information or let you know if a Closing Date has been set. And, which can be a little frustrating, the property listings do not always give the full address of the property (the number) which is very much an “English” thing.

So, our recommendation is that you always start first with the ESPC but have a look at the other property websites to find the other 20% or so of properties in and around Edinburgh that will not be listed there.


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