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First Time Buyers

Buying property with a friend

Our friend, David Lauder, a mortgage adviser with the ESPC, recently wrote an article published in the ESPC Paper (30th November …

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Edinburgh First Time Buyers
First Time Buyers

First time buyers mythbusters

I was interested to read in the ESPC news paper this week the article First Time Buyers Mythbusters but feel …

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8 Steps to Selling Your Home in Edinburgh
First Time Buyers

Shared Ownership of Rental Property and Tax

Notwithstanding the changes in taxation and relief available to landlords, many married couples and civil partners still consider investing in …

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Getting Your Funding Sorted
First Time Buyers

First Time Buyers – Budgeting Advice

With the prices of properties in Edinburgh going a little crazy at the moment it is now becoming scarily common …

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What is my property in Edinburgh worth?
Estate Agency

What is my Edinburgh property worth?

There are a number of ways that you can find out this information either by yourself or by contacting an …

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