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First Time Buyers Guide
to buying a Property in Edinburgh

The First Time Buyers Guide to buying a Property in Edinburgh

Why have a Guide to buying property?

When we first started to research this, we quickly found that there is very little online guidance available to buyers (particularly first time buyers) explaining the process involved in buying a property in Edinburgh. And yet many of the first time buyers we have acted for have really appreciated the guides we provide as part of our service.

So, we thought, why not have an online detailed step-by-step guide on our website available to all buyers?

Who is this Guide for?

Whilst this Buyers Guide is aimed particularly at first time buyers and the Edinburgh property market, it also contains some useful information if you are a second time buyer, property investor or perhaps someone buying a property in Scotland for the first time.

What does it cover?

The Buyers Guide will take you through the whole process but will concentrate on the first steps of getting your funding and setting your budget, searching for properties and making offers.

What to expect from a solicitor?

It is tempting to leave finding a solicitor until you are looking at properties and sometimes buyers leave it until even later than that.

But if you think of us first as property experts, and second as solicitors, then you will begin to understand that we can help you right from the very start and there are great benefits to you in appointing us to act for you as one of your first steps in buying your first home.

We will give you guidance on the current state of the market, what price range is best for your budget and since we buy & sell properties in Edinburgh every day, we are confident that we will get you onto the first step of the property ladder.

And it doesn’t cost anything more. It’s all included in our fee!

So, we hope you find our Buyers Guide useful.

Preparing to Buy


Your Guide on how to get started buying a property.

Getting the Funding Sorted

How do you know what you can afford to pay? We share saving and budgeting tips for getting that first foot onto the property ladder.

Help-to-Buy and Lifetime ISAs

Take advantage of these government led schemes to boost your deposit savings.

Are you buying by yourself or with your partner?

How does buying a property on your own or with a partner differ?

Bank of Mum & Dad

Are you getting help from the Bank of Mum and Dad? Now the ninth biggest lender in the UK, we explain the logistics of the Bank of Mum & Dad.

Looking for Properties

Finding out how much it all costs and appointing your solicitor.

Once you’re ready to start the process of buying a property, you need to find the right solicitor. We explain how much to expect to pay and how to appoint the right solicitor for you.

Finding out what the market is like.

It’s important to know what the market is like; whether it is a sellers or a buyers market.

Searching for Properties online

Websites, portals and social media. There’s many ways to search for properties online but what are the pros and cons of each? And how to guarantee success?

The Home Report

Home Reports are a routine part of buying a property in Scotland but what are they and what purpose do they serve?


Getting the most out of viewings.

Making Offers

Noting Interest, Closing Dates and Making Offers

Once you have found a property you like, you will need to know what to do next and that means finding out about noting interest, closing dates and making offers.

All about the Missives – The Purchase Contract

Find out more about the Purchase Contract which plays an important role in the property purchase process.

All about the Title

The title to the property will explain what you are buying and the rights that come with ownership and the obligations that come with ownership.

Completing the Purchase

What to expect from your solicitor

How many times do you need to see the solicitor? And what can you expect from the solicitor at this stage of the process?

Getting ready for completing the purchase

We explain what needs to be done in the run-up to completing the purchase of your new home.

What happens on the Date of Entry/Settlement Day

We explain what happens on a typical settlement date.

Once you have completed – Post Settlement Claims etc and the Title

We explain what happens as regards your title and the checks you need to make and things your need to do.

We hope you have found our First Time Buyers’ Guide of some use.

If you are thinking of buying your first home and would like us to act for you, then why not get in touch.


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