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What to expect from your solicitor?

What to expect from your solicitor?

How often do you need to come to see your solicitor?
If you are a First Time Buyer you will probably have no idea of how often you need to come to see your solicitor and what will be discussed at those meetings. So, here is our short guide to explain how we, as your solicitors, communicate with you during the purchase process and how many times you will need to come to the office.

As with most things nowadays, we usually keep in touch with you by email or by phone, but usually by email. Throughout the purchase process, we shall give you weekly updates and more than weekly when there is more to report. The purpose is to keep you up to date with the progress being made, what still needs to be done and to remind you of the things you will need to organise.

How many times do you need to come to see us?
You can come to see us as often as you like is the short answer. It is up to you. In saying that, like everything else nowadays, a lot of the communication during the purchase process is done by email or by phone. Simply because this is the most efficient way to do it.

Broadly speaking however, you would need to come to see us three times during the whole process:

The first time is to deal with the Know Your Client requirements at the start, where we meet up and take copies of ID documents etc and answer any questions you may have at that point.

The second time is when you come to the office to sign the Security Documents relating to the mortgage and the Declaration if you have a Help to Buy ISA.

And thirdly, when you come to collect the keys on the Date of Entry (the Completion Date).

When can you come to see us?
You can come to see us during usual office hours if that is convenient for you. But we make it our policy that you shouldn’t be expected to take time off your work to come to our office and so we can offer you appointments that are before or after usual office hours or on a Saturday morning. In short, we can arrange to see you when it is most convenient for you.


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