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Bringing Magic to Edinburgh


With Edinburgh’s colourful history with magic, particularly that of witchcraft, the Edinburgh International Magic Festival just goes to show how far the city has come in the past 400 years.

Today marks the start of the Edinburgh International Magic Festival, a week long event here in the capital which celebrates the art of magic with many shows, classes and workshops for all ages to enjoy. Magicfest is now into it’s 8th year and you can expect magicians from the UK, Finland, France and Belgium showing their illusions at the Magicfest Gala at the Festival Theatre on the 8th July.

There is also an array of classes and workshops happening at Summerhall and various other venues across the city between the 1st and 7th July. Perfect entertainment for the kids at the start of the Summer Holidays.

You can also get a look into some of Edinburgh’s exciting, intriguing and often dark histories within some of their hidden historical buildings, including Lauriston Castle, as part of The Secret Room show.

And as if we needed it, the Edinburgh International Magic Festival gives us at Cameron Stephen & Co. yet another reason to love this truly unique city and all it’s festivals it has to offer!

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