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How do you decide what to see in the Fringe?

Leith Walk

Now in it’s 70th year, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is back again for another summer!

Whether you are local to Edinburgh or coming for a visit, with over 3,000 different shows on offer (from all over the world!) it can be overwhelming trying to decide what shows to go and see. We have a few tips for helping you choose shows and get the most of your Fringe experience.

Use the Official Fringe Program

The best way to get an entire list of what is on at the Fringe is to pick up a copy of the Program. Available for free all over the city (& UK) or for delivery online, the program lists everything that is on within categories (comedy, music, theatre…) as well as where & when. Take some time to flip through the pages and see if there’s anything that takes your fancy. It also has a handy guide within of where you can find all the venues so don’t forget to take it along with you as you go. There’s nothing worse than being lost down a damp cobbled street of Edinburgh, with no GPS to help you get to your show on time! That being said, you’ll find most people across the city are more than happy to help with directions, should you lose your bearings.

The Fringe Website

Similar to the program but with the ability to narrow down your search to exactly what you’re looking for. Only here for a few days? No problem, pop the dates into the Fringe website search and you’ll have an entire list of who and what is on during your stay. Not a fan of Comedy but want to binge on Theatre? Just select you category and away you go. You can even search by venue if you know you’ll be around a certain area and want to see what will be on. You can also book tickets via the website if you want check availability or book in advance.

Download the Fringe App

Similar to the Fringe website but always on your phone for while you’re on the go! The Fringe App is just what you need for booking tickets and navigating the city. Why not go ahead and book something a bit different too? It can be easy to stick to what you know but you might surprise yourself and discover a love for something new. (Available on IOS and Android.)

Use the #edfringe Hashtag

Searching social media is a great way to gain insight to what people have been to see and what they’d recommend. Both the hashtag and Newspapers social media accounts will give you up-to-date and on-going reviews of shows, as & when they debut. You might find that something you hadn’t even considered going to see ends up with glowing reviews, and is your favourite show of the entire Fringe!

Take a wander up the Royal Mile

Perhaps a show in itself,The Royal Mile is full of performers throughout the duration of the Fringe. Both hosting street performances and promoting their shows with snapshots and leafleting. It’s a great chance to get an insight to shows, often giving you the opportunity to chat with the performers themselves. You might even get some money-off coupons or discover a free show which you might have otherwise missed.

Plan your time

If you want to do a show-a-day, this should be pretty easy, leaving you time to explore the city and see any shows which appeal once you get here. But if you want to make the most of the Fringe and see as many shows as possible, in whatever your time frame is, then you’ll need to do a bit of advanced planning. Check what shows are on & when, book tickets when available to do so, be strategic with what you see & when – grouping shows too areas of the city will help you make the most of your time. And remember to leave some space in your schedule for seeing those shows that you maybe hadn’t considered but that ends up getting rave reviews, or that you liked the look of from your trip to the Royal Mile.

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