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How important are photos when selling your home?

If you are selling your property in Edinburgh, you will certainly need photos of your home to accompany the marketing.

Where do people look for properties?

Quite simply the vast majority of people start their property search by going online and in Edinburgh that probably means going to the ESPC. And if you are intending to market your property to the first time buyer market, then it is going to be virtually all of the people you are looking to target who will turn to the internet to begin their search for a property in Edinburgh.

It’s important to stand out for the right reasons!

On websites like the ESPC, people can and do narrow down the search results by only searching for properties that match their property search criteria for such things as price, the number of bedrooms, area and so on. But their decision on whether or not to go the next step and request a viewing is likely to come down to the photos of your property. Even using their property search criteria, buyers are likely to still be given a couple of hundred properties on the ESPC that match those criteria and typically people make their decision to find out more about a property based on a single photo.

Try it yourself. I have just tried it on the ESPC website – I limited the search to two-bedroom properties with a maximum asking price of £150,000 and there were 397 results! That is your competition. So, it’s important that your property stands out – for the right reasons – if you are going to get the viewing.

The property-buying public like to know what the interior of your property looks like. Without photos they are likely to decide not to view your property and ditto if the photos of your property are of poor quality. Although it is an obvious thing to say, you cannot give your property the best chance of selling quickly and at the best market price possible, without good quality photos.

You still play an important role

Not all of us are lucky enough to live in palaces and homes that have home magazine-quality interiors but it is still important that you present your property as best it can be so that the photos show your property at its best and most attractive.

How can you achieve this? Make sure your home is clean and tidy and de-cluttered for when the photographer comes round to take the photos. Remove personal items from the bathroom and make sure the work surfaces in the kitchen are kept free of the usual day-to-day items.

Although it is not always going to be possible, if you can take the time out to be at home when the photographer comes to take the photos, so much the better.

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