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Using Social Media to help sell your home

What is my property in Edinburgh worth?

The current property market in Edinburgh is very much a sellers’ market. It does not take long for the majority of properties in Edinburgh to come Under Offer and many are achieving sale prices well in excess of their Home Report values.

Why? Simply because there are more buyers looking to buy properties in Edinburgh than there are properties for sale.

That being the case, the usual marketing methods are working well for sellers in Edinburgh and that, most importantly in our view, means having your property marketed for sale in the Edinburgh Solicitors Property Centre (the ESPC).

However, that does not mean that the newer means of marketing using Social Media are not important or should be ignored. In our view, using Social Media is a growing means of assisting the marketing of our properties for sale in Edinburgh and people and buyers are paying attention. And you can help in the marketing!

The power of Social Media

Everyone knows that Social Media is being used by people to keep in touch but nowadays and increasingly, people are using Social Media to help sellers with the marketing of their property and buyers finding out about properties. And yet surprisingly very few Edinburgh estate agents are using Social Media as part of their marketing.

How do we use Social Media when selling your property?

We use our Facebook page and Twitter account to promote your property. Why not have a look at our Facebook page and Twitter Page and like/follow?

We also use something called Abode Spark, which creates a sort of brochure which is ideal for people wanting details of your property for their mobile phone and other mobile devices. This property in Musselburgh is a great example of how fantastic Adobe Spark Brochures are, especially when viewed on mobile phones.

Why not become involved yourself?

And you can help too. Just think of your Facebook page and how many friends and colleagues you have; the same goes for Twitter. It only takes a few minutes to post about your property and we can provide you with the links you need to give you access to the lead photo, the video, the adobe spark brochure…

So why not get involved? You never know where your buyer will come from.

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