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Home Improvement Hacks for First Time Buyers

It is incredibly exciting buying your first home but it’s also expensive!

After months, even years of saving, you finally have a place to call your own but putting your stamp on a property can be difficult when you’ve already put all your funds into purchasing it. Fear not, we have some hacks to get you started and help your new house feel like your home!

Lick of Paint

Of course, painting the walls to a colour that suits your taste is a no-brainer. But more than that, painting doors, floors and cupboards is another sure fire way to make a place seem more like your home. I recently decorated a room in our house and decided to give the dark, hallow-door on one of our cupboards an update. What could have easily been an expensive replacement, was quickly transformed to a new-looking door that brightened up the entire room! Just be sure to do the right preparation and use the right paint to make sure your job lasts. DIY blogger, Pretty Handy Girl, has a great guide on painting doors that could easily translate to painting your kitchen cupboards.

Upcycling Furniture

What is it they say? One mans rubbish is another mans gold? The truth is we live in a materialistic society that requires constant renewal and it makes sense to take advantage of this when you’re on a budget. You may already have some furniture from your previous occupancy but it’s likely you’ll have some more space to fill, or fancy a bit of a change. It can be tempting to take a trip to Ikea and dress each room just like the catalogue but although their furniture may be reasonably priced, has anyone ever managed a trip to Ikea without over-spending on a million other things they never went in for? The other more economical option is to buy good quality second hand furniture and make it your own. Check local charity shops, Gumtree or even Facebook selling groups for furniture that has become surplus to people’s requirements – you might even be lucky enough to score a freebie! Furniture that is of good quality can easily be transformed with a paint job, a bit of reupholstering or a well placed throw.

Light it Up!

People are often quick to forget about light features but they can really add a bit of personality to a room. You could easily spend a fortune on something elaborate but again, it’s so easy to have some fun and get creative, making something just to your taste. Bored Panda have done a round-up of some of the most creative lighting features, perfect for some inspiration to get your started. Who knew plastic spoons could be so beautiful?

Add your personal touches

You’ll usually find when viewing properties, there’s a lack of photos and personal items. This is because it’s generally advised to remove these items from view as it allow buyers the opportunity to imagine their own belongings in a property. But now this property is yours, so do whatever is right for you! Be it a photo wall, your collection of weird and wonderful trinkets or that piece of art you’ve kept in storage because you never had somewhere to hang it – simply add the items you already have. Now is the time! This home is yours and it’s time to put your stamp on it.

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