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Making the Most of Small Properties

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With property prices on the increase in Edinburgh throughout 2016 and also the start of 2017, even the small one bedroom properties are once again becoming expensive for first time buyers and investors.

For a while during the outfall from the Credit Crunch crisis, one bedroom flats could be purchased at prices well below their Home Report values but no longer. They are now once again becoming properties that are popular with first time buyers & investors and as such are again selling at prices well over their Home Report values.

Whilst they might not offer much in the way of size of accommodation, I would still maintain that size doesn’t matter, or at least does not necessarily make it impossible to have a really stylish home. That is why I say: make the most of small properties & embrace the challenge.

As a child my family would often go on caravan holidays and I used to love the way everything was so compact. I loved sleeping in bunk beds and the way the table & sofas could be converted into the bed for Mum & Dad.

Every time Cameron Stephen & Co. get to sell a small property, I love to think just what I would do with it given the chance. With so many ideas on ways to make the most of a small space as well as people sharing their own small property solutions, there’s plenty of inspiration right at your finger tips.

So my advice is don’t be put off by small properties.

If you are a first time buyer and that is all that you can afford, go ahead and buy it! Make the most of what you can. After all it is only going to be your first step on the property ladder.

And who knows, building smaller properties might be part of a solution to the shortage of affordable homes for first time buyers in Edinburgh!

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