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Stress-free moving day tips

Buyers Guide The First Steps

There’s no denying that moving house can be stressful.

You are literally uprooting everything you own and moving it to your new home. Here are our top tips to make the actual day of moving a little less stressful!

De-clutter before packing

Clutter can easily build up in a house over time and if you have been in your current home for quite a while, it’s very possible you have collected a number of belongings you no longer need nor use. Have a good de-clutter of your things before packing to ensure you are only taking what you really need. If you are using a removal company, the less you have the better. Not only will you save money but you also won’t have the worry of sorting things out when you do get into your new home, nor will you have boxes of things you don’t really need that remain unpacked for years to come.

Know what you’re taking

This will be dependent on your current living situation. If you own your current property, it’s likely you own everything within it too. However, if you are a first time buyer leaving a rented property, it’s worth making an inventory of what is yours and what will stay in the property. If you are selling it could be the case that you have agreed with the buyer that certain things will be part of the sale; again, it’s worth listing and even labelling things to ensure nothing is accidentally packed.

Consider what your new property needs

It’s likely you’ll end up living out of boxes for a few days (at least!) but is there anything worth investing in to take to your new property for those first few days? Are curtains included as part of the sale? If not, you’ll need some sort of curtains/blinds for the bedrooms at least.

Pack an essentials box

What are you going to need as soon as you arrive to your new home? It good to have a box packed with essentials like tea/coffee, batteries, screw drivers, chargers and torches, basically anything you may need to hand as soon as you are in. If you are moving with children it’s also worth having an essentials box for each child, with their favourite toys, their own torch, books and activities to keep them entertained.

Make a list of all the utilities you’ll need to change

Some of these can be done in advance of the move.  but some will need to be done on the actual day. Have a list of all the companies you will need to call on the day of the move to update your address and have it listed by priority. Also include any relevant information (like account numbers) to hand to prevent any wasted calls for accounts which you cannot remember the details for and the paper work is backed into one of millions of boxes.

Once you’re in, take your time

The chances are you’ll be in this house for a bit of time. Don’t try and force yourself to unpack everything within a few hours – you’ll end up stressed, resentful and not much fun to be around. Instead prioritise the most important things (clothes, bedding…) and enjoy your first day and night in your new house without stressing yourself trying to unpack every last thing.

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