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What’s included when you buy a property?

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We are sometimes asked by first time buyers if all the furniture and contents of a property are included when they buy a property.

Perhaps this is because first time buyers in Edinburgh are more used to renting, where properties do come furnished or partly furnished. And so what is usually included – and not included – when you buy a property for the first time?

Is all the furniture and contents included?

It is rare for the entire furniture and contents of a property to be included. In saying that, some properties (such as ex-rental properties) may be offered for sale with all furniture included but these are relatively few.

Fittings & Fixtures?

Fittings and fixtures are included. These are items such as the light fittings (but not always the light shades), fitted carpets, fitted wardrobes and bathroom fittings and are generally included as standard. Also included as standard are the white goods in the kitchen (such as the oven, hob etc) if they are integrated (fitted).

Look at the sales information for extras

Often the online sales information and the property brochure will contain a brief summary of the fittings and fixtures and also extra items that the sellers are prepared to include. So, have a look there.

Ask the Seller when you view the property

Quite often in Edinburgh the seller will do their own viewings and so they will be responsible for showing you their property. There is nothing wrong in asking the seller what items they intend to leave.

The Offer

When we submit an offer for you to purchase a property, we shall mention that the price will include the extras as detailed in the marketing information but we generally check with you, before making the offer if there are additional items to be included. Even if not dealt with in the offer, that does not prevent additional items being included as part of the negotiations.

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