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How to prepare your property for viewings

It takes just 7 seconds to form a first impression.

Not much time when you are trying to make your property appeal to potential buyers. Of course, they liked what the have seen in the photographs enough to request a viewing, or take time from their schedule to travel too an open viewing, but how can you ensure that you’re home will give a good, not only first, but lasting impression to potential buyers also?

It’s not just what’s inside that counts

Before a potential buyer steps foot into your property, they’ll be assessing the exterior and it’s surroundings. Some things, such as neighbouring gardens you will have little control over but show off what you do have to the best of your abilities. Cut the grass, hoover the shared stairway, contact the council to empty bins if they’ve not been done to schedule… If your property appears well maintained from the outside, it reassures buyers of how well you’ve taken care of the property. For more tips on preparing your homes exteriors, see our Selling Your Home from the Outside Guide.

Let buyers imagine themselves living there

Of course, being your home, you’re going to be housing a lot of personal belongings. However, you want buyers to be able to imagine themselves living in your property. It’s worth guiding them with this visualisation by removing anything overly personal (hundreds of family photos, obscure collectables…) and allowing them to ‘see’ their own belongings in your property. Ensuring your property is free of clutter and clean will also reassure buyers that storage is adequate and that the property is well maintained.

It’s all the senses that sell a home

If you have a pet living in your property, you’re likely to be nose-blind to their scent. But I promise you, buyers will not be! Do what you can to remove traces of pets before viewings; hoovering up stray hairs, opening the windows, light some candles and let your fluffy-friend stay elsewhere during that time. Remember, not everyone is so keen on your animals as you may be.

Show off the best bits

Has your property got great views? Open the windows (or at least ensure they’re clean if Edinburgh weather does not permit!). Beautifully modern kitchen? Give everything a good polish so it shines and serve some biscuits. Bedroom worth buying? Ensure your sheets are clean, pressed & welcoming, and pop a vase of flowers in to add some life. Leave a lasting impression with the bits that appeal most to buyers and then let the offers flood in.

Have property brochures available

At Cameron Stephen & Co. solicitors and estate agents in Edinburgh, in this day-&-age of technology we strongly believe there is still a firm place for property brochures. Your property is an investment for buyers and giving them a physical brochure of what they are considering to buy is a great way to ensure their impression of your property sticks, as they journey away and decide what offer to make.

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