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An example to follow

Like most of us nowadays, we are very conscious and do our best to recycle our rubbish.

For me, this means a weekly trip to the recycling bins at my local ASDA. It is doing our bit for the environment.

But I often notice a lady (of mature age, if I can say that – and I am reaching that age myself – although other might say I am there already) in Constitution Street, Leith who goes out of her way to pick up and bin a few pieces of litter whenever she is out and about. Now, to me, that is an example to follow.

There was a film some years ago called Pass It Forward which I remember. And there now is an organisation of the same name.

It is just worth a thought that if everyone in Scotland were to pick up and bin one piece of litter a week, that would be around 6 million fewer pieces of litter in our streets!

Small changes can lead to big results is all I’m saying. That, and thank you to the lady who picks up the litter in Constitution Street. You truly are an example to follow.

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