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Pros and Cons for New Properties

They tend to be subject to a love them or hate them stance but what are the reasons for and against new build properties?

In Edinburgh’s current market, new build properties are becoming more accessible to many buyers, both in cost and availability. They may not beam with the character that older properties do but they do still have their pros.


Energy Efficient – New homes are built to current energy efficiency recommendations, meaning you’ll have double glazing, insulation and central heating as standard. Not only will this make for cosier winters, it will also cut down on your energy bills once you’ve moved in.

Built to Your Specifications – If you are buying a brand new property direct from developers, you may have the option to customise your property to suit your wants and needs. This will generally just mean interiors like bathrooms and kitchens but sometimes you can request garages, conservatories, driveways…that weren’t on the original plans.

Freedom to do what you want – Unlike Older Properties, you’re likely to be able to do what you want with a newer property (within limits). Changes windows and adding extensions can be done without the risk of your building being listed. Just be sure to seek the relevant planning for those bigger jobs.

No chain of sale & incentives – If you are buying a brand new property you may find the process to be somewhat simpler, due to not being relient on a chain of sale. You may also encounter some offers from developers as an incentive to buy, such as them covering your legal fees.


Do not have much character – New houses are built to a plan and although you have the option to customise elements (such as the interiors), overall they will be built to the same plan, usually in blocks or estates. This can have it’s advantage, such as parking being part of the development but some feel the overall appearance – especially as the properties start to age – can be reminiscent of council estates.

Lack of Space – Most new homes are a bit on the smaller side, even when you have a larger number of rooms, they won’t always booming with much space. Storage can also be a problem due to the plans maximising floor space and sacrificing storage. Lofts are often not available in new properties either.

Location – It’s not always the case but certainly in Edinburgh where space is limited, newer properties will often only be built in places where space is available – not necessarily in very central or desirable locations. Our Area Guides are a good place to get a better feel for the different areas of Edinburgh, should you be unsure.

If you are on the look out for an new property in Edinburgh (new build or otherwise), take a look at our Properties for Sale.

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