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Pros and Cons of Older Properties

Edinburgh is city overflowing with history and this too can be found in it’s properties.

With plenty of Victorian and Georgian period properties always available on the market in Edinburgh, we’ve been considering the pros and cons of choosing an older property.


Character – Perhaps the highest ranking reason for people to desire a Victorian and Georgian properties. Unlike New Build homes, which lack any history and tend to be done to a standard design, older properties beam with character. Cornice ceilings, large sash windows, original Gothic-style fireplaces…there’s many things that can make a Victorian property appeal to buyers. Whats more is the history that hides within the walls; what was once a large terraced home is now a selection of spacious flats!

Space – Even with often being divided into a number of flats, older properties in Edinburgh will generally offer more space. High ceilings and large rooms, as well as spacious halls and ample storage too. The placing of rooms can sometimes be a tad awkward but floor space is usually plenty.

Well-built – Having already with-stood the test of time for many decades, you can rest assured that older properties were well build and made to last. Of course wear and tear is to be expected but the materials used are some-what stronger than those used for building properties today.


Maintenance – There’s no escaping the fact that these properties are old. And as such, they require upkeep and maintenance. You may be lucky to find a Victorian or Georgian property which has been brought to life with modern fittings and fixture but the likelihood is that you will need to invest money into repairs and maintaining your property at some point.

Not energy efficient – Back when Victorian and Georgian Terraces were built, energy efficiency was not a concern. You may be lucky and find somewhere with central heating already in place but even so, with high ceilings and a lack of double glazing, you’ll find these properties are more expensive to keep warm.

Limitations to what you can do – You could be inclined to think that if your older property is not energy efficient, a few small changes, like insulation and double glazing, would amend that issue and bring the property into the 21st century. Unfortunately it’s never that simple. Most older properties are listed buildings meaning restrictions on what you can actually do to the building, most which will need to be approved by your Local Authority.

Expensive interiors – The bigger windows and higher ceilings of older properties means longer curtains and extra wallpaper will be required! You will likely find that you’ll want to fill the extra floor space that older properties usually benefit from, meaning additional furniture purchases too.

Insurance Costs likely to be higher – With the likelihood of maintenance & repairs being required to your older property, the cost in insurance can also be greater. Before you offer on an older property, consider the running costs, not forgetting the cost of building insurance.

If you are on the look out for an older property in Edinburgh, take a look at our Properties for Sale.

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