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What is my Edinburgh property worth?

What is my property in Edinburgh worth?

There are a number of ways that you can find out this information either by yourself or by contacting an estate agent in Edinburgh.

Finding out the value of your property in Edinburgh for yourself

The first thing you can do is to go onto the ESPC website  to see if there are any similar properties in your street or nearby streets that are for sale or under offer on the ESPC. You will be able to see the asking prices for those properties but we recommend you also download the Home Report as that will give you the actual valuation of the property.

Property portals like Zoopla – which has a good search facility to let you see historic sale prices for properties in your area – is a great tool to utilise.

Asking an Estate Agent in Edinburgh

You can also – and this is probably the best way – contact an estate agent in Edinburgh and ask them for a valuation. Usually this service is given for free. If you choose this method then we suggest that you indicate to the estate agent either that you are simply just curious at the moment or are potentially looking to sell in the near future.

Most estate agents will want to come out to see you and your property as that is by far the best means of getting an accurate value but of course, you may feel that you do not want to go as far as that at this time and do not want to perhaps feel under pressure from the estate agent to sign up to sell. However, if you make it clear you are simply curious then that should not happen and you can always ask the estate agent to give you what we call a desktop valuation.

The desktop valuation is simply a report for you prepared by the estate agent based on recent sales evidence of similar properties in your street, or neighbouring streets and will not require the estate agent to come round to your home.

Cameron Stephen Co. Estate Agents Edinburgh

Whether you are just curious, or are perhaps thinking of selling your property in Edinburgh in the near future, we would be happy to give you a free no obligation pre-sale valuation of your property. And you can choose whether you want that to be simply a desktop valuation, or a more detailed valuation for which a visit to your home would be required.

Not only is it a no obligation service but we shall never put pressure on you to get you to sign up so you do not need to feel any nervousness on that score.

As part of that service, we shall also give you details of what it will cost if you choose to sell through us, just so that you have some idea of that also; which in our view is information worth having!

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