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5 tips for small kitchens

For some people the kitchen is the heart of the home but for others it could easily exist purely for decoration. That being said, there’s no denying that kitchens seem to be getting smaller.

Properties suited to First Time Buyers in particular tend to have kitchens on the smaller side. In terms of functionality, a smaller kitchen doesn’t usually mean you are worse off, especially if it has been designed by someone who knows what does & doesn’t work for smaller kitchens but that doesn’t escape the fact that you can find yourself feeling a little claustraphobic and longing for more space. With that in mind, here are our 5 top tips for making the most of smaller kitchens.

Look Up

Where space and storage is limited in a kitchen, sometimes you just need to look upwards. If possible, extend the height of your kitchen cabinets to make the most of any space between them and the ceiling. If that’s not an option and your ceiling is high enough to allow, then why not consider a ceiling rack to store things like pots/pans and utensils? These not only create interest and mean all your essentials are easily accessible, they also free up cupboard space which can be useful if this is something you are lacking.

Use Wall Space

Similar to ceiling space, using wall space is a great way to free up space in your cupboards. Installing shelves, spice racks and hooks are all great ways to maximise space that would otherwise remain unused.

Portable Island

Another space solution can be a portable island. The ability to accommodate one will be dependant on the dimensions of your kitchen but if you can make it work, it will not only provide you with extra storage space within but it will also give you additional work space too.

Glossy Surfaces

It’s often advised that to make a room appear larger than it is, you hang a mirror or two. Unfortunately this isn’t entirely practical in a kitchen. One solution to this is to have glossy surfaces, either on your cupboards or work tops. These will reflect light and make your kitchen appear larger than it is. But it’s perhaps a good idea to invest in a decent streak-free cleaner to keep things looking tip-top. If updating your kitchen to have glossier surfaces is not possible, then keep things like glasses & metallic pots/utensils on show to reflect extra light – why not on your ceiling rack or portable island?

Clean & Clutter Free

There’s nothing that swamps a kitchen and makes it seem smaller than it is than a pile of dirty dishes. To really keep your kitchen looking bigger and more spacious than it is, takes a bit of upkeep. From ensuring work surfaces are kept clean & clutter free, too keeping on top of shining those glossy surfaces. Have regular de-clutters to rid your kitchen of utensils and gadgets you never use, as well as freeing up space that you might have otherwise been lacking in.

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