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Preparing Your Home for Winter

The clocks have gone back, the temperature has dropped and there’s a big event that is only 7 weeks away… There’s no denying that winter is on it’s way.

With Scotland not being the warmest of climates, it can be easy to be laid back about winter preparations (because lets face it, we never really got a summer) but a few steps of preparation around your home can save you a lot of problems when winter is in full swing. Here is our top tips for preparing your home for winter:

Have Your Boiler Serviced: It’s everyone’s worst nightmare; a broken boiler and no hot water or central heating, right in the peak of winter. Not only is it a massive inconvenience, it can also be costly – not something you want in the run up to Christmas! So, do what you can to avoid boiler troubles through the colder months and have a service done now to reveal any underlying issues which may flare up when the temperature drops.

Insulation: In the same way we reach for coats and scarves to brave the elements, your home needs something to cosy them up too. The kind of insulation available to you will be dependent on your property but options such as double glazing, loft insulation and cavity-wall insulation are all popular options worth exploring.

Switch Energy Providers: If you’ve been holding off turning on the heating due to the cost of your bills, it’s time to look at switching energy providers. What was once lucrative business, is now a very competitive market, with many providers (more than just the “Big 4”) fighting for your custom. Comparison sites are a great place to explore what deals are available from just your current meter readings.

Home & Contents Insurance: If you are a home owner, it’s likely you already have Home & Contents insurance in place but if not, now is the time to sort that. Like with boilers, repairs to homes can be costly. Whether it’s damage done by the winter elements or an accident that’s happened within your property due to being home more over the colder months, Home & Contents insurance will give you extra peace of mind and help avoid any unexpected expenses over the festive period.

Clear the Gutters: With the autumn leafs clogging up your gutters, it’s best to get them cleared before the bad weather takes hold, causing blockages, freezing and flooding. Damage like this is much easier to prevent & take care of now before the weather worsens – not to mention much cheaper!

Lag Your Pipes: When insulating your home, don’t forget about your pipes. Not only will lagging your pipes help stop them freezing (& in turn prevent bursting) it will also insulate them in the process, saving you money on your energy bills.

Tidy Your Garden: If you’ve any garden furniture or toys (eg. trampolines!) that could fall victim to unexpected stormy winds, tie them down or pop them in the shed. Trim any trees or bushes that have the potential to break off branches, which could pose a risk to your property. And cut the grass and remove any dying plants – you’ll thank yourself for doing so come Spring!

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