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Selling Your Home from the Outside

You’ve hired a great estate agent, the photos are up and the viewing requests are coming in.

But how to ensure you get the best possible outcome from your viewings?

As with many aspects of life, first impressions are important. And for property, this happens as soon as buyers arrive outside. Here’s our tips on ensuring you give off a good first impression of your property…

Clear Numbers

Before potential buyers can fall in love with your property, they need to be able to find it first. Make it clear which property is yours with an obvious number on the door or fence; or if you’re in a flat, that the building and buzzer numbers are obvious too.

A Lick of Paint

If your door or windows are looking a bit worse for wear, then give them a quick lick of paint. By showing they have been looked after it will reassure buyers that the property is well maintained. You could even go down the route of choosing a colour for your door which appeals to buyers, with green coming out top as the one to appeal to home buyers.

Weed the Garden

If you have a garden space, prepare it to your best ability. You don’t need to hire a landscaper to create a desirable space, simply cut the grass, remove the weeds and maybe add a pot or two filled with nice fresh plants. A very simple step but it lets buyers see that the garden is easy to maintain has potential for them to turn into what they wish.

Wash the Windows

Not only is it great for when you’re actually inside viewing a property, but having clear windows also lets buyers get a small preview of what they’re about to see. And in turn, peeking their interest before they even cross through the door. This also applies for the shared stairways of flats.

Let there be Light!

If you are having viewings in the evening – especially at this time of year – you want buyers to be able to see your property inside and out. Invest in a decent exterior light to make finding your property easier and gives buyers the opportunity to see what is inside and outside the property. As for those in flats, ensure your stair lighting is adequate and in working order.

Know your Market

If your property is suited to first time buyers, the chances are they won’t be looking for a garden that needs daily maintenance, so instead keep things low-key and manageable for even the busiest of people. And families? Overall they’ll want a secure and safe space, so add a lock to the gate and reconsider any poisonous or harmful plants in your garden.

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